Blogging has been a trend since the late-1990’s. Back then, it was an online diary. If no one knew your URL, you didn’t have to worry about your younger sibling stealing your diary and reading it at the dinner table.

AOL Hometown was a type of blog. Mine consisted of making dolls like these: tumblr_mkjzp4ibkb1qamzxso1_500
Then, Google introduced Blogger. blogger_login
Yep… that was the login page. Totally Y2K, don’t ya think?

In 2004, Xanga was it.

Just look at the ad! Britney Spears’ In The Zone was the #2 CD on Xanga.
Britney Spears on a Top 50 chart… CDs — I mean, when’s the last time you bought a CD?! (Besides Adele’s 25)… replacing S with and tYpiNgG liKe tHiSs (← that took me forever to do).

So, if blogging has been around for the last two decades and then some, why has it taken off like crazy nowadays? There are a lot of guesses I could take such as:

  • the advancement of technology and how easy it is to access the internet from anywhere
  • we are the nosiest generation (i.e. 1990’s babies) out there; before, people kept quiet about their lives for the most part. Today, we have social media to rant on (Twitter and Facebook) and we are able to take pictures of our meals to show everyone how good (or bad) you eat. On top of that, we are just so invested in other people’s lives. Watching or reading other people’s lives will do one of two things for us
    • 1: Make us feel really glad & thankful OR
    • 2: Make us feel sad & miserable

However, these are multiple up-sides to this.

We all have hobbies that we are incredibly good at, and we want to share our talent(s) with others—giving them inspiration, motivation, and perhaps even teaching them. Lifestyle blogs have popped up in huge amounts: cooking, health, fitness, sewing & crocheting—you think of it, there’s a blog for it.

Some bloggers, like myself, make a blog to keep a portfolio of our work. Photographers, writers, graphic designers. It’s just easier to give a link to a potential employer or a graduate school than spending tons of money on printed photos or a lengthy manuscript. Most photos come in computer-ready form, too.

But what about you?
It’s February 3rd—a month into the new year. Except, January was a trial period of 2016, so the real new year begins now. Yeah, you may have left those resolutions a few weeks ago, but get back to it. If one of your resolutions was to blog, I gotchu.

Gotham has multiple blog courses to help you get started and stay connected to the blogging world.

  • Blog Basics: designed for new bloggers or those without much expierience, this course will help you with the entire process—concept, setup, content, and traffic in four short weeks (or one long day). We have a few instructors with so much experience and down-to-Earth personalities that’ll keep you involved in the class—
    • Mo Krochmalthe executive editor and founder of Social Media News NY & a founding producer for The New York Times website.
    • Tom Brennan, comedian, writer, blogger, etc. who has worked for Marvel Comics, Disney, Dynamic Forces and CBS News.
  • Blog Writing: you have a blog, but the content is dull. Or you don’t have a blog and need to figure out how to write to attract. Have we got a kickass course for you! Blog Writing will help you to write material that strangers will want to read, will subscribe to, will tell their friends about. As well as helping you maintain it by giving you a good idea of when & how often to post material. It’s all about conversation with your readers. If this doesn’t sell you, this will: Jen Armstrong, the instructor, has the perfect amount humor and personality that’ll keep you so, so engaged. She’s just great.
  • Blog Launch: the class aspect worked, but you need more. You want a personal teacher to sit with you and go through every nook and cranny of a chosen platform. Or you’re brand, spankin’ new and not in New York—so, our classes couldn’t benefit you. Blog Launch will. Why? Because it’s in NYC or long-distance via Skype (or Google Hangouts, etc.). This one-on-one learning is beneficial to all types of learners and by the end of the three-hour session, you’ll have the beautiful blog you’ve envisioned.

Whatever you need, Gotham’s got your back.

Blog on, peeps.
Nikki Quinn

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