Wordy Wednesday: #1


(fi-li-PEN-juh-luhs, -PEN-dyoo-)
From Latin filum (thread) + pendere (to hang). Ultimately from the Indo-European root (s)pen- (to draw, to spin), which is also the source of pendulum, spider, pound, pansy, pendant, ponder, appendix, penthouse, depend, and spontaneous. Earliest documented use: 1864.


What’s happening to us? 
We used to be so different, so in love. Everyone wanted to be us – the perfect mixture of friendship and soulmates. It was beautiful. 
But what’s happening to us? 
Our love — it’s filipendulous. 

We are both two lonely people who found each other. And now, we’re two lonely people who cannot leave each other out of our fear of loneliness. 
How can we fix this? I want to fix this.

Nikki Quinn